formerly Social Marketing 101 – Make sense of marketing online!


Marketing your products and services costs much less today than years ago, but building your business with free tools has it’s own set of challenges. The Modern Marketing 101 series is designed to help small business owners sift through the conflicting information and mountain of tools to select the right mix to grow your business.

Learn the value of having your own digital real estate, how to make yourself heard above all the noise, the difference between social media management and social media marketing – and how to connect with your customers online to make bigger waves without devoting your whole workday to your phone. This workshop series also covers essentials like when to hire a pro, contracts and vendor management, and how to measure success.

Registration Fee: $125

Next Session: October 16, 9am-12pm Topic: Email Marketing

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  • October 16, 9:00 AM
  • Price: $125
  • Union City. GA