Website Health Check

Protect Your Customers & Your Business


The security of your website and customer data is essential to the life of your business. Whether your site was built by a professional or you’re DIY’ing it, securing that life is a 24/7 job. Before you get started on one of a Safe & Secure Care Plan, we need to take a look at what’s going on under the hood of your website.


We’re happy to have a look at what you’ve got to help you keep your business rolling along safely. For a one-time fee, we will back-up your site, run your software updates, and provide you with valuable insights on areas of your site that could use some extra attention.


Your Website Health Check will include…

WEBSITE BACKUP - we'll backup your database and files, package it up, and make it available to you for safe keeping

SOFTWARE UPDATES - we'll run your WordPress and plugin updates and make note of any problems we find

FINDINGS REPORT - we'll provide a comprehensive report that includes any problems we found and valuable insights on areas of your site that could use a little extra attention

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