Strategic Consulting

Professional Guidance for School, Work, & Business

Academic Planning

Get from freshman year to graduation without mountains of debt when you're done. Get insider knowledge from 15 years as an academic advisor, faculty member, and administrator.

Personal Branding

Build a digital footprint that helps employers, colleagues, and clients find you - and the story you want to tell them. Craft a digital identity that moves your career and business forward.

Technology Selection

Choose the right tech tools for your needs, and don't get trapped in contracts for services you don't need. Learn how to assess your unique needs to filter through tons of options fast.

Sales & Operations

Businesses need solid, repeatable processes and workflows to thrive. Figure out where you're getting stuck, and adapt systems to work for you so you can grow.

Let's Craft a Road map to your unique brand of success

Students, professionals, and business owners may not seem to have a lot in common, but I’ve been working with all three for over 20 years, and of course I’ve been all three. Take advantage my years as a college advisor, administrator and faculty member, software trainer, web developer, and entrepreneur and put them all in service to your success.

For Students

Academic planning to minimize debt, financing your education with entrepreneurship, customizing study for your career goals, personal branding

For Professionals

Leveraging past and future study for career advancement, practical professional development, software training & selection, personal & professional branding

For Business Owners

Marketing your business, choosing the right tech tools for your goals and budget, social media management, software training & selection, personal & business branding

Complimentary Consultation

Ready to Design Your Success Map?