Program Development

Take the years of experience and training trapped in your head, and translate it into learning programs that help others succeed.

Learning Platforms

Deliver your valuable knowledge and resources to learners all over the world, right when they need it, with convenient online management.

Sales & Operations

Businesses without solid, repeatable processes don't last long. Get a strong, secure system that works for you 24/7, so you don't have to.


Make sure the people who need you know how to find you. Grow your business with big corporate strategies customized for solopreneur budgets.

Are you overqualified and underappreciated ?

Does this scenario sound familiar? Once upon a time, I was a highly qualified assistant director with years of experience and a graduate degree in my field. I noticed several ways we could serve our students better and shared that with my department leadership. Then I was totally passed over for a promotion when someone less qualified with fewer letters after their name was hired to implement the suggestions I made. This experience and numerous others shared with me are the foundation for my program development services.

Concept & Curriculum

We’ll work on translating what you know into a real learning program firmly grounded in the science of how adults learn.

Strategic Planning

Then we’ll look at who needs your knowledge and will respond best to your style of teaching. We’ll turn your program into a business.


And then we’ll build your business into a brand that reflects your mission, values, and style – and craft a marketing strategy to match.

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Ready to Monetize Your Knowledge?