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Keep moving up and forward.

Alumnae Business Development

drlisadotco has partnered with Woman University to provide essential education for planning, building, and growing your business.

Workshops & Coaching

Social Marketing 101

Can you really build a business with free tools? Learn how to make yourself heard above all the noise.

WordPress 101/102

Learn how to manage a website for your business, church, or clients. Hands-on sandbox session.

Media Training: CEOtv

Are you ready for prime time? Learn how to showcase your brand whenever the camera is on!

Digital Footprint

Design your visual brand so your customers easily find you and connect online.

Strategic Planning

Meet privately with Dr. Lisa to discuss business strategy.

Present Like a Boss

Smash public speaking and design presentation slides that match your message and brand.

frequently asked questions

drlisadotco workshops are primarily focused on marketing and business technology. Topics include social media marketing, creating a visual brand online, and creating your own website.

These classes are not free, but are discounted as a service to Woman University students and alumni. 

Classes are taught by Dr. Lisa Richardson, an experienced adult educator with specializations in technology and counseling, and her carefully selected partners.

Relax. Dr. Lisa has a solid reputation for working with men and women who are less than tech savvy and those with serious anxiety around computers. Previous student describe her style as soothing, patient, and empowering.