Strategic Planning Consultant & Program Development Specialist

Meet Dr. Lisa

Dr. Lisa Richardson teaches women professionals & solopreneurs to monetize their knowledge and embrace the tech that powers their success.

For almost 26 years, Dr. Lisa has helped people devise custom comprehensive personal and business road maps for their lives. She has provided her expertise to over 3000 college students, business owners, and professionals in planning for – and achieving – success that exceeded their own expectations.

Dr. Lisa’s expertise in software training, college administration, marketing, and small business technology combined with her own research in online learning design gives her a unique ability to guide her clients though difficult decisions, tangled tech, and vexing institutional policies to help them overcome challenges and achieve a future worthy of their dreams.

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Dr. Lisa A’s your Q’s about small business tech, digital marketing, WordPress tech support, and how to make sure your web designer isn’t screwing you over.

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Let's have fun, and sometimes food. Okay, often food.

A monthly roundup of the most interesting tech tools, eateries, and events Dr. Lisa’s found, liberally sprinkled with geek mom vibes.