About Dr. Lisa

The Speaker Bio

Dr. Lisa Richardson has spent 26 years online, joining, managing, and growing communities. She has spent the last 10 years teaching microenterprise owners and solopreneurs how to properly market their services and manage their businesses in the digital space. In her signature plain-English style, she uses her counseling and academic background to help you turn your knowledge into profitable programs. From managing your client information to strategic marketing workflows that make you look like an empire – Dr. Lisa helps you build a highly efficient and fulfilling vehicle for your dreams.

The Back Story

In the fall of 1992, Lisa Richardson was a freshman on a full academic scholarship at Iowa State University. Starting college at not-quite-17 years old was jarring to the shy Bronx native, and homesickness was a constant affliction. In the spring semester, however, Lisa discovered the internet.


She’s not quite sure which friend helped her to log into IRC (internet relay chat for the non-geeks) for the first time. All she remembers is that she sat in a chair in the dorm lab for 24 hours straight and 26 years later, the friends she found there are still in her life. The story’s not all sunshine and roses, however. Lisa eventually stopped going to classes and flunked that term as she immersed herself in a world where words meant so much more than just information and entertainment. (Incidentally, in her work as a college administrator, this experience helped often in calming panicked students and their furious parents.)


Those first years became the foundation for Dr. Lisa’s later study of online human behavior, and her subsequent dissertation on online courseware and user experience. Staying true to her roots in education, the programs she builds for her clients based on science – how people process information, make decisions, and learn. Schedule a call with Dr. Lisa to start moving your business forward online.